Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Starme ( ?

Starme is the face of your social world. Secure your unique *Name today and provide a fast and efficient way for others to reach you. Example; 'How do I reach you?' "Starme" 'What's your *Name?' "*Skydream"

2. What is a Fastapp ?

Each Unique *Name receives it's very own Fastapp. Your Fastapp is all your existing online information displayed in a mobile and web friendly user interface.

3. Can I customize my Fastapp ?

Yes, your Fastapp is fully customizable in minutes. dashboard enables you to add, edit and delete any content at any time, deliver the most relevant and real-time information about your brand.

4. Do I need to sign a contract to use ? is a free mobile-web application. Join today and secure your unique name before someone else.

5. Can i have multiple *Name Fastapp's ?

Yes, you may register as many Unique *Name's as you like. Each *Name has it's very own Fastapp, for specific and unique campaigns/promotions.

6. Is my Fastapp mobile friendly ?

Yes, is a dynamic software for everyone to enjoy, featuring HTML5 which enables your content to look amazing when viewed from any computing devices; iOS, OS, Windows, PD - Desktop and mobile - Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, PC, Desktops and Laptops.

7. Is my Fastapp available on the internet ?

Yes, your Fastapp is mobile friendly and also programmed to display beautifully on a Desktop, PC or Laptop browser. You will receive a interactive web 2.0 splash page that is similar to your Smartphone and Tablet user interface, all for free.

8. Can I Link websites, social networks and premium business information within my Fastapp ?

Yes, Your Fastapp's are fully customizable and you can add any content you desire. Display your Branded information, photos, videos and social networks in one easy to access interface. Create multiple campaigns with different social plugs and measure your audience interaction and habits efficiently.

9. Is my Fastapp *Name part of my .com website or is it hosted with Amazon servers ? hosts all *Name information, however we integrated a CNAME feature, which enables your brand to edit your CNAME within your registered .com account and display your *Name as part of your branded .com URL. Example; Your website .com name is - Your *Name is *Skydream. Your Fastapp extension can be - Which displays the Fastapp as part of your .com URL for additional SEO and branding aesthetics.

10. Can I have my developer customize my Fastapp UI ?

Yes, provides a bunch of beautiful generic templates that you can choose from to display your online mobile-web information. However we also offer access for developers to customize colors, text and other User Interface features.

11. Can I export all the emails captured within my Fastapp's ?

Yes, organizes and displays all your captured email contacts in an easy access and view dashboard area. Export specific emails from specific campaigns/promotions or simply choose to create a New Email Promotion, select from one of email blast templates, add photos, text and then send email to all relevant recipients.

12. Will my email campaigns provide click through metrics ?

Yes, Each New Email Campaign is labeled in regards to it's unique *Name Fastapp. End users captured activity will display accordingly within respective dashboard areas for unique *Name Fastapp's, giving you specific and detailed information about your audience.

13. Will my Fastapp's provide click through metrics ?

Yes, Eash *Name Fastapp captures end user information and displays metrics in real-time within your dashboard. Have you ever wanted to know how many of your end users access your information from Apple or Android devices. provides a suite a useful metrics to help define your target market and increase ROI.

14. Can I sell e-commerce products and services within my Fastapp's ?

Yes, provides different Templated User Interfaces, which enable you to select the highest the best use for your specific branding needs. The m-commerce template will enable you to link your online check-out pages from anywhere within the Internet while customizing a beautiful and unique user interface.

15. Can anyone join ?

Yes, is an open social platform for everyone to use. Promote anything and everything under the stars.

16. Updating your tag

For proper indexation by major search engines like google, bing and yahoo- each keyword must include: Icon image, Website URL,Your Business Address, Bio and at least one of your Social Network URL's; like facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, google+, etc

Thank you,

Organic SEO Starme Team

17. How much data can a standard QR code store?

Depending on the symbol version and type of the characters the most advanced Fastapps can hold up to 7,089 characters per symbol. With starme we generally use versions 3 and 4 Fastapps incorporated with our automatic qrtag generated software systems.

For additional questions and/or feedback please feel free to email us


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